Saturday, January 22, 2011

Things are looking up....

Its been a very interesting and productive few days! I got an interview scheduled with a lingerie designer, got a temp job for a few weeks, went candlepin bowling for the first time, and just listed some headbands in my shop :) After being unemployed and pretty hopeless the last few weeks, its nice to have something good happen. I mean I would love to do the Etsy shop full-time but I haven't had many sales so its more like a hobby that earns me money once in a while.

I worked on fabric coasters for our living room yesterday. I loved the fabric when I found it in the remenant bin at Joanns, so I bought it without any project in mind. The colors go well with our living room so I decided to do coasters, although with all our hand-me-down furniture, coasters aren't really needed but appreciated none the less!

I listed two new headbands in the shop, ones I really love. I've had them finished for awhile but haven't been able to get the best photos to list them. Finally today I got what I needed and they are ready to be bought and loved by someone who loves headbands as much as I do :)

"The Gilded Leaf Headband"

"The Little Dove Grey Headband"

Make sure to check out my Style Twin additions to my headband listings (and some of my jewelry too!) With each piece, I try and find a similar one worn by a stylish celeb to post as their "Style Twin." You know, so you don't think you are the only one wearing cool headbands :)

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