Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Felted mittens are good for snowy days

My sister's mittens

I finished the felted mittens! I am very excited to share and especially send them to my sister at college. Heres how they were done:

-find wool sweater
-wash in hot water and put in the dryer on high for extra shrinkage
-trace your hand in "mitten position" but make sure to leave extra room for seam allowance and comfort
-cut out four mitten shapes (if using a sweater that has a clear front and back, remember to flip the mitten pattern over)
-sew them right sides together leaving the bottom open
-sew the bottom edge of the sweater (the stretchy part) on the bottom of the mitten so it can fold up like a cuff
-add button or beads for extra pazazz :)

My mittens

So my next project for the day is revamping my Etsy shop and starting on a necklace hanging board. Right now my long necklaces are sitting in a plastic box under my bedside table. Not a good place. Cute necklace trees are too expensive so I'm making my own. I have a square frame that I'm going to add cardboard, batting, and very cute fabric. Once in the frame, I hope to use these adorable thumb tacs my friend Micheline made for me as the place to hang my necklaces. It will be interesting to see if this all goes as planned. If it doesn't...well more time for reading my book!


MsVeronicas said...

Please share a photo of the necklace board when you are finished.

Kathleen said...

Hey MsVeronicas! thanks for reading! I posted a pic of it on my next post called "i heart winter." Unfortunately, the necklace board didnt work out as ended up being turned into an earring board..but it still looks pretty cute. Hope you have a great week!