Monday, January 31, 2011

Naturally lovely

So I spent some time in Boston this weekend and it was great. Very cold but great. And it got me thinking about my love of nature and how I am so inspired by it.

For example, when I was in London for a week this fall, I was really inspired by the properness of it all, the intellectual attitude and the unabashed coolness. I wish I could be those things when I get dressed in the morning!

I'll be honest, the only reason I wanted to write this post is so I can share some pics from this weekend and my London trip. I think they are having a huge impact on the stuff I create. Whimsy, natural, and just pretty is what I am going for and am hoping to get cohesive ideas in the process.



I planning on doing more with natural headbands. Which are kind of represented here in these photos. Much like my Silver Whimsy Headband.

I haven't had time to work on any personal projects the last week, although I do have a list for when I finally get to go to the store for some supplies.

  • A piece of neutral scrapbook paper to mat photos
  • Thick knitting needles to start a cowl with some great yarn I've been saving
  • Look at the thrift store for some wool sweaters for felted mittens
  • Create pattern for LOVE banner over bed

Another snow storm headed my perhaps I'll have time to finish some stuff after all!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Things are looking up....

Its been a very interesting and productive few days! I got an interview scheduled with a lingerie designer, got a temp job for a few weeks, went candlepin bowling for the first time, and just listed some headbands in my shop :) After being unemployed and pretty hopeless the last few weeks, its nice to have something good happen. I mean I would love to do the Etsy shop full-time but I haven't had many sales so its more like a hobby that earns me money once in a while.

I worked on fabric coasters for our living room yesterday. I loved the fabric when I found it in the remenant bin at Joanns, so I bought it without any project in mind. The colors go well with our living room so I decided to do coasters, although with all our hand-me-down furniture, coasters aren't really needed but appreciated none the less!

I listed two new headbands in the shop, ones I really love. I've had them finished for awhile but haven't been able to get the best photos to list them. Finally today I got what I needed and they are ready to be bought and loved by someone who loves headbands as much as I do :)

"The Gilded Leaf Headband"

"The Little Dove Grey Headband"

Make sure to check out my Style Twin additions to my headband listings (and some of my jewelry too!) With each piece, I try and find a similar one worn by a stylish celeb to post as their "Style Twin." You know, so you don't think you are the only one wearing cool headbands :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i heart winter

So its been a few days since I posted anything, but I have been busy enjoying a lovely white New England winter. I went cross country skiing for the first time this last weekend! I've never been on skis before so it was interesting. I fell down a few times, was sore, but loved being out in the snow. I also took a road trip to Vermont on Sunday with a friend. I had never been to Vermont and have now been to all the New England states. We visited the Ben and Jerry's factory, ate Cabot cheese samples and drank hot cider on the beautiful snowy ride home.

I have to say that I've grown to really love winter over the last few years. There is something fresh and inspiring about it. I think the cold air, bare trees, and the snow really makes you think clearly. I love working on projects in the winter because you basically have to be inside because of the cold, but it's so pretty to look out the makes me want to create pretty things. Plus, I have this weird love of the color grey... which is basically the color scheme of winter!

I finished my project I mentioned earlier, the frame turned necklace holder. However, it didn't turn out as planned. The tacks wouldn't stay in the board, so I use it as a earring holder and it looks great.

Plus I've been updating my Etsy shop with new headbands. I have been thinking about a pretty color scheme of grey (of course), light blush pink, and soft gold for the winter/spring season.

The Sweet Peach Headband

Well thats all for now... I'm planning to enjoy this snowy day and get some projects done!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Felted mittens are good for snowy days

My sister's mittens

I finished the felted mittens! I am very excited to share and especially send them to my sister at college. Heres how they were done:

-find wool sweater
-wash in hot water and put in the dryer on high for extra shrinkage
-trace your hand in "mitten position" but make sure to leave extra room for seam allowance and comfort
-cut out four mitten shapes (if using a sweater that has a clear front and back, remember to flip the mitten pattern over)
-sew them right sides together leaving the bottom open
-sew the bottom edge of the sweater (the stretchy part) on the bottom of the mitten so it can fold up like a cuff
-add button or beads for extra pazazz :)

My mittens

So my next project for the day is revamping my Etsy shop and starting on a necklace hanging board. Right now my long necklaces are sitting in a plastic box under my bedside table. Not a good place. Cute necklace trees are too expensive so I'm making my own. I have a square frame that I'm going to add cardboard, batting, and very cute fabric. Once in the frame, I hope to use these adorable thumb tacs my friend Micheline made for me as the place to hang my necklaces. It will be interesting to see if this all goes as planned. If it doesn't...well more time for reading my book!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Since there is a big snow storm coming, it seems like the perfect time to settle in with some hot tea and put a dent in this list.

1. Revive my etsy shop (
2. Start a blog for my etsy shop
3. Experiment more (lace making anyone?!)
4. Explore more (New England has so many interesting places)
5. Dress up
6. Find a job that will pay my bills

I'm still working on the focus of my shop, a work in progress you might say. I love vintage, especially the 30s, 40s and 50s. I have a few vintage jewelry pieces and even some vintage clothing but I'm not sure I want to do that. I love making things. I started with headbands but have had some trouble selling them. Thankfully my friends are so supportive and have bought a few. Jewelry is not my favorite to make but people seem to like it. I guess I'll have to keep working and see what happens. Although I'm up for suggestions and advice from anyone!

Today I am working on a pair of felted mittens for my sister. I discovered felting recently and used a grey Ralph Lauren wool sweater to try it out. Don't worry, the sweater was second hand and was very boxy. My first pair worked well, so I'm excited to make more and add some cute vintage buttons. Will post pictures when finished!