Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wedding season prep

There is finally a few days without a snow storm up here in New England, so I've been busy with my day/part-time jobs and haven't had time to do much other than drive to and from work and eat. I got off early today so I decided I should get some stuff done! Valentines day is next week and I'm working on a gift for my boyfriend. We decided to make gifts this year since we are trying to save money and we already have plenty of candy :)

I thinking of using the scraps from the felted mittens to make a case for his phone. Its grey and plain so it will be "manly" enough for him. I have a vintage button I'm gonna add to it as a closure.

Wedding season is coming up and I have to get busy! I have many gifts to get my friends who are getting hitched this summer, as well as try and list wedding-y stuff on lucillejean. I'm working on relisting my wedding good luck charms, which are very cute and
have a great story with them.

Many years ago when I was a flowergirl in a family wedding, I was given a special bridal party present. This tiny horseshoe charm with a small bow of blue ribbon was to be saved until my wedding day. The card said that when pinned carefully to the inside hem of my wedding gown, the little charm would bring me luck on that day. The charm has remained at the bottom of my jewelry box, waiting for my own wedding day.

So when I found some cute little pins, I added different pearl, gold or blue beads and tied a blue bow to the top. Each one comes with a nice little card wishing the bride luck on her day. Its a great shower gift and I plan on using them as gifts for my friends who get married as well.
So check back in my shop soon because I'm going to update them a bit.

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