Monday, February 21, 2011


As much as I love winter, it's nice to have some warmer weather. But I'll be honest, spring is probably my least favorite season only because it never seems to be "real" spring weather. Rain, wind, cloudy days, grey, damp...this is what I think of when someone mentions that spring is coming. It's not till well into May that the weather looks "springy" and then BAM! 80-degree weather pops up and summer has taken over. I guess if you think about it, spring isn't really a type of weather...more of a state of mind. New growth, shedding of layers (slowly cause it still can be chilly), and a brighter perspective. With that in mind, I have been thinking about doing some new home decor projects for the apartment to brighten it up and add a little life.

1. Refinishing an old lamp in the living room. Found this DIY lamp project here. All I need is some metallic glass paint and a new shade.

2. Using some old skeleton keys I got from my grandmother to make a piece of art...thinking the top right one. Thanks Design*Sponge for all your cool ideas!

3. Want to make a garland to place above the bed, since we haven't found the perfect piece of artwork yet. Plan on using some old sheet music and keeping with the colors of the room- grey, slate blue and a golden tan.

4. Recovering some pillows in the living room in bright and fun patterns. Love this neutral room and the fun accessories!

I'll update with pictures when I get the projects done, but for now it's all in planning stages! Stay tuned for an etsy shop update!

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